invisible base layer


[a.d, photography, video]


photo & video campaign for the french brand nosc on their newly out ‘invisible baselayer’. The idea was to work on a multi-seasonal artistic direction to do to avoid limiting its use to one of the seasons.

Original soundtracks were created by A-Link & yAs from label affaire records.

worked with arthur vaillant on the outdoor photography.

revers gagnant, une amitié au delà des cimes

_realized for samaya

[direction & realisation]

06/21 – 08/21

duration: 13 min

production: samaya (

scenario: nolan miton / christophe dumarest

original idea: pierrick fine & symon welfringer


_personal project

[direction & realisation]


personal project to capture ‘classical life moments’ in opposition to the viral scenes we tend to see on instagram.

i explored new shooting techniques and hardware in these videos.

‘black edition for the white ocean’

_realized for samaya

[direction & realisation]

realisation 06/22 – release SS23

realisation for a black friday operation with the Kilian Jornet Foundation.

‘no siesta base camp’

_direction for samaya

[direction & shooting]


realisation : antoine mesnage

production : samaya (


_sound design for samaya

[direction, shooting, sound design]


realisation : nolan miton

production : samaya (

social media shorts

_realized for samaya

[direction, shooting, realisation]


one day at the ‘park hotel’, nice

_Eiffage Construction

[shooting & realisation]