< blurry series >

_personal project

[a.d, photography]

01/22 – 06/22

inspired by my colleague and friend arthur vaillant‘s vision of the blur, i wanted to refocus the athlete’s actions in the middle of his environment through a series of digitally processed photos.

at the same time too often put forward, but also too often forgotten, the athlete is however often the reason why we are interested in the environment in which he evolves, although he would be nothing without this environment.

this duality both fascinating and dangerous is the one that builds a career, of photographer as well as athlete.

special care has been given to the details, to really bring the viewer into the frame.

the different elements of the <blurry series> will be available for printing soon.



[a.d, photography]

realisation 06/22 – release SS23

this project was conducted in close collaboration with arthur vaillant.
the goal was to reinterpreit product from the famous mountain brand millet through a shooting with the pro-climbers symon welfringer & manon bérend.

‘sang neuf’ – 9a

_personal project



one day spent with pro-climbers symon welfringer & manon berend for their project in ‘pierrot beach’, vercors.

3 different type of cameras were used in the shoot including analog.

4th year anniversary

_label affaire records



2022 travel accessories


[a.d, photography]

realisation 10/21 – release 03/22

conception and realization of the samaya 2022 accessories pictures. I imagined the the outfits & the poses & took the pictures.

the challenge was to illustrate lifestyle use of the accessories without taking life style pictures.

‘black edition for the white oceans’


[a.d, photography, video, graphic design]


last minute realisation for a black friday funraising campaign with the Kilian Jornet Foundation.

i had only 3 days to imagine the artistic direction, take the pictures & the video, edit &  release the materials. the tent was not existing a the time so we took a old prototype to do the shots and photoshopped the signatures on it afterward.


_les 7 laux



poetic christmas


[a.d, photography, graphic design]


conception and realization of the samaya 2021 christmas campaign. I imagined the campaign and the outfits, took the pictures, and did all the graphic design.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce the ULTRA35, the brand’s first bag, while highlighting the brand’s iconic tent.

the choice of snow in abundance evokes the magical world of christmas.

over the pictures, i added real winter bivouac stories from samaya customers.

summerside / nanovent®


[a.d, photography, graphic design]


conception and realization of the samaya first ever summer campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to introduce the samaya2.0 on a summer, low altitude environnement.

the choice of rocks is to not go into the classic ‘outdoor lover’ frame and respect samaya’s ‘core’ dna.